Yacht Designer
Industrial Designer
Paige Mitchell
About me.
Growing up on West Lake Okoboji in Iowa sparked my interest in boat design. I started my education at Iowa State University and received my bachelors degree in Industrial Design. I continued my education in Kennebunkport, Maine and received my certification in Yacht Design at The Landing School. I currently work as a yacht designer in Sarasota, Florida. 
“When you do not tire within but seek the
sweet satisfaction of your life and your work,
you are doing what you were meant to
be doing.”   - Gary Zukav

I have been working at Michael Peters Yacht Design since July of 2014. Although I am a yacht designer by day, I enjoy being creative in other ways on my free time. I enjoy photography and drawing. Industrial design is what sent me down the path to being a yacht designer, and I will always consider myself a product designer who happens to design a lot of boats.